Will you be stacking firewood for the Fall?

The cooler weather is fast approaching and getting ready for Fall means buying firewood for all those cozy nights by the fireplace. Once you have the firewood though how do you stack it properly and where should you keep it?

It’s very simple! Once you have enough firewood find a place about 30 feet away from your house. This is because mice, snakes, termites, and other pests love making homes in wood piles and you definitely don’t want any of these critters getting in your home. Once the location is picked out start laying the wood bark side up with each piece parallel to one another until you have a nice row. Then start the next row on top with each piece of wood laying perpendicular to the one below. Stacking wood this way allows for proper air ventilation in order to keep the wood dry and from rotting out. When your all done cover it with a tarp to keep the rain out and you will be all set for cool Fall nights by the fireplace!


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