Winterizing Your Home


When winterizing your home we recommend the following:

  • Turn your water off, at the street if possible.  If you do not have a water valve at the street turn the water off at the valve in your home.
  • Drain your lines by opening your lowest spigot in the home which will be located in the basement or outside.  After the line is drained it is a good idea to return it to the off position (in case you do not remember it is open upon your return).
  • Turn your heat to a minimum of 50*.
  • Turn your water heater breaker to off.
  • It does not hurt to open your cabinet doors under your sinks so the heat in the home reaches the pipes.

If your lines were not drained or did not drain completely you may still encounter a busted pipe.  However, you will not be aware of the situation until you turn the water on and the lines completely pressurize.  Make sure someone is in the home for a period of time when the water is turned back on!
If you have not winterized your home please have someone check  to make sure everything is OK and get it winterized!  Please give us a call with any questions you may have or if you need any assistance.